Dress / Lycra Option / with Rhinestones & Fancy Beads



Metallic Lycra / Lycra Option
"Skirt & Bra" Style
Designed with Large & Small Rhinestones and Fancy Beads
Matching Separated Sleeves (2) and Headpiece
Front Split & Belly Bandwith Rhinestones & Beads
Zippered Back
Free Custom Options
Free Custom Sizing & Lycra Options

Available Lycra in more than 25 Different Colors

Metallic & Iridecsent Lycra

Metallic Animal Print Lycra

*See our color charts & size charts for information about clothing & related items.
Dress / Lycra Option / with Rhinestones & Fancy Beads
Model Number CD-29-LN

Available Options:

Any Special Instructions Added :  

Color (Lycra):

Cup Size :  
Length from Hip to Foot (Optional) :   Approximate Skirt Length
Length from Shoulder Over the Front of the Bust to the Top of Fo :  
Measurement Around the Bust :  
Measurement of Arm from Top of Shoulder to Wrist :  
Measurement of Hips :  
Measurement of Waist :  
Measurement Under the Bust :  

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